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pt virtualaxis Virtual Axis™

This exclusive patented allows smooth, easy tilting motion by balancing the weight of the TV on itself.

  • Tilt your TV up or down with just the touch of a finger — no tools are required to adjust the viewing angle
  • Easily reduce glare and reflections caused by lights or windows
pt virtualaxis3d Virtual Axis 3D™

Virtual Axis 3D™ features a special cup-shaped faceplate that allows the TV to move in every direction possible with effortless, fluid motion.

  • 360° range of motion lets you tilt your TV with just the touch of a finger — no tools are required to adjust the viewing angle
  • Easily move from landscape to portrait views
pt proset ProSet™

Once installed, your TV or wall-mounted furniture may not appear completely level with its surroundings. ProSet™ lets you make micro-adjustments to height and level after mounting to ensure perfect positioning.

  • Simply tighten or loosen the ProSet™ adjustment feature for a flawless appearance
pt clickstand ClickStand™

The unique ClickStand™ feature makes it easy to access the backs of TV’s mounted close to the wall. Its "kick-stand" props the TV away from the wall so you can install cables without removing it from the mount.

  • Quick-release tabs pull down to unlock the ClickStand™ from the wall plate
  • Holds the TV 4" out from the wall for easy cable access, then clicks securely back onto the wall plate
pt clickfit ClickFit™

The ClickFit™ system makes it easy to create a seamless home theater installation by allowing surge protectors and other small devices to be positioned directly behind the TV.

  • Devices simply click onto the wall plate, so theyre completely hidden yet easily accessible
  • Position surge protectors, HDMI input or wall outlet behind TV to hide cables and wires
pt followthru FollowThru™

This innovative in-arm cable channel protects and conceals cables the entire length of the extension arm without inhibiting movement, even through the elbow.
  • Exclusive design allows mount to extend, retract and pan with the easiest, most fluid motion possible
  • An adjustable tension ring lets you find and keep the perfect position for your TV
  • Decorative covers conceal cables inside the arm after they’re installed for a seamless appearance
pt quickconnect QuickConnect™

The QuickConnect™ system makes it easy to attach your TV to the mount’s arm assembly and lock it in place in one easy movement.

  • Simply insert the locking tab on the monitor plate into the opening on the arm assembly and let it slide downward into place
  • An audible click will let you know the parts are correctly assembled
  • To remove your TV, just push in on the locking tab to disengage it from the arm assembly
pt virtualaxis Adjustable Virtual Axis™

Exclusively engineered by SANUS, this revolutionary feature accommodates TVs of varying thicknesses by adjusting the tilt tension based on each TV’s unique center of gravity.

  • To tilt the TV, gently pull on the top to release a spring-loaded latch, then adjust the angle as desired
  • Easily adjust the tilt tension for your specific TV depth using the Adjustable Virtual Axis™ tilt optimizer knobs
  • Easily reduce glare and reflections caused by lights or windows


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