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Why Mount?

An AV center free from cords and clutter. A safer home or office environment. A more enjoyable AV experience. Mounting your TV is a simple process, a safer choice, and a stylish option for your TV display.
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Which Solution is Right For You?

Our MountFinder tool will help you choose the mount that is best for your TV. Then, check out our detailed product info pages to double-check that you have found the best solution for your needs.
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We include cutting-edge technology into each of our products. Mounts are designed with the latest technological advances, from the shape and look of the mount, to the safety features, the tilt and swivel features, and the materials used. Even our furniture is high-tech, with special features that prevent AV equipment from overheating.
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TV Safety

TV safety is a serious concern and we are committed to ensuring the safety of our products. We have the opportunity to prevent needless injuries and deaths. We view that as our top priority.
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Organize that clutter into a streamlined power center. EcoSystem accessories let you build and customize a home for your cords and cables. Make it extra tech-y by adding fans, lights, and a temperature gauge.
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Everything about SANUS is mobile! Whether you are “just looking,” choosing the right mount for your TV, installing your mount, or even looking for eye-catching furniture, SANUS Apps can help.
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Simple Control Home Automation

All you need to know about Simple Control from Preparation to User Guides



If you have any questions about our product or processes please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team can help make your life and your AV that much easier.



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