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Enabling The Intelligent Enterprise

Remote Monitoring and Management, Support, Analytics and Control



Utelogy is a full featured software-based AV management and control platform that is perfectly suited to meeting rooms, conference spaces, teaching spaces and huddle spaces across corporate, education and government verticals, amongst others. Utelogy is an easy to deploy, configuration-based solution with a cloud management backend that enables AV service providers to manage multiple customers while enabling end users to realise ROI on their audio-visual investments.



Every year, enterprises around the world look for ways to improve employee productivity. Technology is deployed to improve collaboration and enhance productivity, but then the technology often proves unreliable and becomes the very reason for lost time during meetings. Organizations are trying to find cost effective ways of optimizing workspaces and the technology in those spaces.


The Utelogy platform delivers a dashboard and reporting environment where users can gather and consolidate data from workspaces across the enterprise to gain actionable intelligence.

  • Re-designed user-interface and navigation.
  • Managed Service Provider portfolio overviews and individual customer views.
  • Customised dashboards to display system information in a visual manner.
  • Data-filtering by location, date, time and device.
  • Extensive report library including asset reports, firmware, warranty, utilisation and more.
  • Configurable alerts and notifications.
  • Rest APIs and data connectors to expedite third party development including BI platforms.

Remote Monitoring, Alerts & Reporting

Monitor devices, rooms,systems,
connectivity status and usage in real-time.

Management and Provisioning

Perform bulk provisioning and firmware
updates to all devices across the enterprise.

Global Architecture

Multi-data center architecture for redundant data storage,data sovereignty and enhanced performance.

User Management

Create and share custom dashboards and data for business analysis and future project planning.

Utelogy APIs

REST API to integrate to other enterprise systems including ERP and BI Data Connectors for analytics insights with tools like Microsoft BI or Tableau.


Third Party Integrations

Integrate with a number of UCC and video conferencing applications for a seamless AV experience.


Build and schedule scripts to eliminate manual processes and enhance operational productivity.

Asset Management

Integration with ERP systems to track and control assets, warranties, spares, and replacements.


U-Manage provides Audio-Visual management and monitoring to move from reactive to proactive support. The system allows users to assess the health of the AV landscape and detect issues prior to impacting service. With U-Manage, IT and AV managers can:

  • Minimise business disruption.
  • Increase efficiency and quality of collaboration technology.
  • Understand how meeting rooms and technology are used.
  • Identify meeting space trends by geography, room type, etc. to optimise behaviour. Improve the overall user experience.
  • Decrease operational costs.
  • Optimise future real estate and technology spends.

With Utelogy’s U-Manage, you can bridge the gap between people, workspaces, and technology.


U-Server is the backbone of the Utelogy platform. It acts as the processor that allows you to use your own network to deliver AV services, making them simple to use, easy to deploy and secure. Supporting a software-defined approach to AV deployment and management, U-Server enables you to:

  • Centralise your entire AV eco-system for simple deployment and management, flexibility and economies of scale for significant cost savings.
  • Support and integrate any device or piece of equipment into your Utelogy system by adding simply it to the server.
  • Add rooms and AV spaces with integrated management tools that allow you to provision and configure rooms, devices, and user interfaces and seamlessly integrate them together.
  • The multi-tenant U-Server can power hundreds of rooms in an enterprise with support for VM and standard IT infrastructure, while the stand-alone version of U-Server allows you to implement a single room anywhere, even without enterprise LAN connectivity.


Utelogy’s U-Manage provides enterprise-wide visibility to rooms, equipment, issues, performance, and usage.  The U-Manage portal already allows operations teams to drill down to see device metrics, documents, and events for all its connected devices.

U-Automate is the latest functionality added to the platform.  Automation is defined as the use of machines and technology to enable processes to run independently, without manpower.  It is designed to eliminate the costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive manual processes enterprises employ today.

  • U-Automate delivers the following features to improve productivity for the IT organisation.
  • Build scripts by configuring blocks with the ability to enter custom parameters.
  • Test devices, video and audio calls, state checks, custom macros and more.
  • Schedule scripts to execute and repeat at any date, time and location.
  • Review test logs to proactively address errors and warnings.



U-Console delivers an integrated suite of tools and services that facilitate remote configuration, assessment and trouble-shooting, allowing technicians to support more rooms with greater efficiency. The model-based configuration provided by U-Console makes delivery of friendly and consistent user interfaces easy to deploy and manage…especially over a large campus.

Coupled with U-Manage, U-Console enables technicians to set up and manage any combination of devices and to swap out any of those devices without having to replace an entire room setup. Together, U-Console and U-Manage make deploying the right collaboration technologies easy and cost-efficient.

U-Console’s configuration tool enables configuration of rooms, including all capabilities, devices, automation and the U-Control user interface with no programming required.

  • Set up rooms in minutes.
  • Programmers are not needed to set up a room.
  • Rooms can be modified quickly and cheaply, allowing the room’s capabilities to expand as business needs and technologies advance.

The technician’s tool looks at the room in real time so help desk staff can assess the situation in a room or device. It’s like having a window into the room without having to visit the room. It enables real-time testing and quick troubleshooting so the room can get back online quickly, minimising lost productivity.

Utilities provide network-level diagnostics and troubleshooting to enable support teams to monitor the entire AV estate and quickly address any issue that arises. Diagnostics can point out problems before they affect a business user, so issues or potential issues can be corrected even before they become a problem.



U-Control is the interface that delivers Utelogy to your users, enabling them to easily collaborate with a personalised experience. It connects the user to devices and applications to deliver rich and productive collaboration. Built on common web technology standards, U-Control enables ubiquitous access for your users through any web-enabled device with a screen, including any computer, tablet or smart phone.



The intuitive and customisable user interface gives your users the ability to personalise a custom function and look to their specific needs and tastes. This personalisation is applied to all rooms or devices the user has access to, regardless of the technology used in each room. Having a consistent and intuitive user interface in every room enables users to comfortably use any room to which they are granted access without going through a learning curve for each room. Users can quickly employ the technology they need to move forward with their meeting or class without delay. Because users are more familiar with the user interface, user errors are reduced which reduces the load on support teams.


U-Computer is a system that enables the Utelogy platform to integrate a PC into your AV system and treat it like any other device, including monitoring and controlling the PC. Here are some examples of capabilities enabled by U-Computer.

  • Soft conferencing and dialling with the PC.
  • Launching and closing applications on the PC.
  • Rebooting of the PC.
  • Controlling the PC’s volume and camera.

With Utelogy’s U-Computer, you can turn a PC or an Intel NUC into an AV appliance. Simply by configuring a series of macros, you can design a number of different actions within the PC behind a single button push.


Room schedules can be displayed on door marques outside the room.

U-Schedule integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 for enterprise-wide visibility and resource booking.


U-Access authenticates and identifies the user via U-Control and administrators may use U-Access to define what devices and features users have access to in each room. U-Access delivers an entirely new level of functionality to your Utelogy deployment. Deploying authentication and access control services allows you to implement true AV control and beyond.


If you have any questions about our product or processes please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team can help make your life and your AV that much easier.







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