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GoBright Interact
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GoBright Interact

Versatile and interactive hardware device for room and desk booking
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Imagine you have booked a desk online. Once in the office you want to find your desk as quick as possible. Check the Mapping Screen in the department, or use the “Find my desk” option in the app and the GoBright intelligent hardware and signage devices (Connect & Glow) on your desk will start flashing. Thanks to the LED colour scheme you immediately know the status of each desk (available, occupied, needs cleaning, do not disturb), which is ideal for large open plan offices or departments.

Desk sensors measure the occupancy rate with 100% certainty. So employees can no longer occupy a desk and not be there at the same time. If the sensor does not measure any movement, after a certain amount of time, the desk will automatically become available for the next user.


Desk Management contributes to the well-being of your employees. They should be able to focus on things that are really important, without having to worry about uncertainties such as ‘Do I have a place to work when I go to the office? How do I find my workplace? Is my workplace clean? Can I organize my workplace according to my preferences?’


Occupancy measuring has become extremely important these days. 2020 is the year that everybody suddenly experienced flexible working and working from home. With both its pros and cons. Organisations are preparing on new ways of working and are adapting their offices at rapid speed. Occupancy measuring helps facility managers to assemble data on the usage of the desks. This will help to define a final plan for the number of needed desks. A lot of costs can be saved on cutting in the m2 of office space rental.


Five years ago, GoBright launched the GoBright Connect – a unique and innovative device that is installed in a desk and shows the occupancy status of that desk. Now, a few years later, the office landscape has changed and the market is demanding new innovations.

This is why we have developed the Interact; a versatile and interactive hardware device that can be used for both Room Booking and Desk Booking. Thanks to its touch screen, users are able to make bookings ad hoc and for a specific timeslot.

It also has a memory function, which allows it to adjust a desk’s height to pre-set user information. After the employee completes a one-time setup, all their workstation preferences are stored in the GoBright Portal, minimising daily user routines, and allowing for focus and productivity in an ergonomic desk-sharing office space.

Thanks to its compact and stylish design, the GoBright Interact can be mounted in a variety of positions making it suitable for various solutions. Users can adapt the Interact for different types of meeting rooms, including silent hubs, and easily position the device elsewhere.

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