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Vestel ED43V78-D
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Vestel ED43V78-D

43inch Entry Display Series
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Key Features:
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 (FHD)
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • Operation: 16/7
  • Bezel: 21-25 mm (T/R/L), 13-16 mm (B)
  • Interface: HDMI 2.0 / DP 1.2A / USB /RS232 / RJ45 / Audio / Speaker
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USB Content Scheduling

USB content scheduling optimizes content playback and operation efficiently while setting up playing times through each day and week. You can clone and distribute the scheduling setup to other displays through a USB plug-in.

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HTML-5 based applications can be developed to work directly within the SoC platform of our displays. The displays are capable of working in either online or offline mode.

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USB Autoplay

USB Autoplay makes content playback simple and effortless.Simply plug your USB memory containing images or video files and the display can begin playback automatically.

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Playlist Creation

Playlists can be easily created by the user, allowing up to 4 different combinations of images and videos in specific order.These can then be selected and played at the desired time,using the built in scheduler.

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Daisy Chain

The display can mirror the content (to another display) into its display port out coming from its display port in. This set up creates a daisy chain like structure allowing for monitors to be set up as Video Wall mode.

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Display Control

Digital Signage Display SoC enables the users to control our displays using RS232 commands in a Local Area Network. Together with the full RS232 command list you can change/set volume, turn on/off the monitor, set a schedule for content display, set a webpage link to be displayed and give a wide range of commands in real-time.

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Digital Signage Monitor Software allows many important features such as Scheduler. Scheduler sets your display turn on/off time easily and lets you not to worry about the status of your displays in any time.

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Signal Failover

Our SoC Software has a protection for “No Signal” scenario. If the USB is unplugged after your content is set to be displayed with USB, the display will either show your customized banner or search for any other signal from other sources (HDMI, Display Port, etc.). This failover protection is constructed for higher user experience.

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Operation Time Support

Professional Panels used with this series are quality confirmed to operate 16 hours a day without any issues. Upon this, the series come with 350 Nits brightness levels suitable for medial indoor environment.

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Pixel Shifting

Pixel Shifting is designed to be activated inside the SoC in order to prevent for potential risk of image sticking, caused by constant content. With this feature turned on, pixels on the screen will move in an interval while causing no interference of visual experience.

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Source Switching

It is made available to set any Source on startup of the display. It can also be switched on any other signal source using scheduler and failover scenarios. This lets the users to freely control the process of their requirements allowing best user experience.

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Auto Launch

We have made it easy to give any HTML5-based application link to the display within the SoC software. Upon this, the display will start with the given link. The application can either be an offline or an online application, allowing the customers to execute their own application.

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