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Thor D145B
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Thor D145B

Smart Filter 7 - Smart Technology Power Protection & Filtration
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D145B Noise Filteration-255
Noise Filtration
D145B Power Protection-838
Maximum Protection
D145B Reaction Speed-276
Reaction Speed
D145B Connected Equipment Warranty-248
Connected Equipment
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SmartBrain entry level filter is a passive technology. Managing to cover a more comprehensive range of shielding to like competitors by “cleaning” a wider range of unwanted frequency noise. The filter works both ways. Stopping noise from robbing equipment performance as well as connected devices’ noise contaminating power.
SmartFilter 7 is a popular board because of its slimline profile. The SmartBrain passive filter adds to the industry leading protection capability offering an all round solution.
The Thor SmartBrain not only protects from surges, it also filters and cleans electrical frequency noise to give you unbeatabe sound and video quality. Improves performance in all types of computers too.


  • Pure sine wave output
  • Under and over voltage stablization
  • 8 prortected outlets
  • Pay tv protection
  • 1.8M cable length
  • 3 Isolated banks
  • Data/ voice
  • Fire retardent
  • Aerial protection 
  • 2 larger plug adaptors
  • 6 years replacement warranty


  • Hifi and home theatre
  • Active/passive speakers
  • Computers 
  • Printers and scanners

Product Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 470mm(L) x 33mm(H) x 75mm(W)
  • Supply voltage 240/V AC 50/Hz
  • Maximum current rating 10amps/2400 W (VA)
  • Clamping voltage 275 V AC
  • Reaction time less than 1 nanosecond
  • Maximum transient spike impulse current 156,000 amps (equivalent to 39,000 amps using UL1449 standard)
  • Maximum energy dissipation 4588 Joules (equivalent to 1550 Joules using UL1449 standard)
  • Protection modes (all 7 outlets protects on all 3 conductors): Active/Neutral, Active/Earth, Neutral/Earth)
  • EMI/RFI noise reduction filter type
  • Total number of protected AC outlets: 7
  • RJ 45 data protection: 1 in and 1 out
  • Earth potential rise protection
  • Earth leakage range less than 1 milli amp
  • Operating temperatures: -10C/+60C
  • Cable length: 1.2m
  • Model No: D1/45B

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